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The game

A universe 20 light years across

The technology that allows interstellar travel is very much unlike that found in Star Wars or Star Trek. Trips can take years on board gigantic ships filled with frozen colonists, tended by machines and a periodically woken skeleton crew. Those bold enough to embark on such a journey often seek escape from their meager, squalid existence on Earth. Enticed by mass marketing campaigns, they take a chance for a better life.

What awaits them are many worlds and many challenges – it’s heaven or hell! There will be no shortage of dangers, some of which provided not by the unknown floating in the cold void but by fellow corporations, or perhaps even… their own employer. On the other hand, the colonists get the unique chance to experience the wonders of the universe, discover mysterious planets and alien lifeforms, simply put – to live an adventure they could only dream of sitting around their cramped apartments, inhaling cancerous air that slowly kills their bodies.


Game board
When the game starts, the board is just a single hex representing the Solar System. In the course of the game, the board expands as more star systems are uncovered by players. Its final shape will be determined by the players’ choices and their style of play.
Models and tokens
Off World makes use of a host of models and tokens representing colony development levels, space vessels, army garrisons, buildings, and discovered space phenomena. Each comes in one of four colors, telling which of the players is its current owner.
There are many types of cards in the game: Amero cards, Earth Events cards, Planetary Incidents cards, Corporation Agenda cards and cards for solo plays

Amero cards – Amero cards represent the funds possessed by corporations, or simply players, and form the core of Off World. Amero come in three denominations: 1, 2, and 5 Amero. These can be used as currency for space exploration, colony expansion, and other expenses. They may also be used to activate the effects given on the card’s backside.
(1) Card’s Amero value
(2) Description of the effect that may be activated by sacrificing (spending) the card
(3) Effect name
(4) Crime or Reaction mark

Planets Incidents cards – on the surface of planets there sometimes lurk surprises, unobserved through space telescopes. Some are pleasant, some – not so much. Draw Planetary Event cards to tell you what you’ve stumbled upon!
(1) Name of the card
(2) Description what will happen

Earth Event cards – one is played at the start of each turn. Earth Event cards describe the current goings-on back on Earth, its economic situation, which products are in high demand, and whether any catastrophes have struck.
(1) Name of the card
(2) Description what will happen

Corporate Agenda cards – are randomly drawn by the players before the game, each player drawing only one. These give additional objectives the player shouldn’t disclose to others. Fulfill them for extra victory points.
(1) Name of the card
(2) Victory conditions (white) and automatic victory condition (red)

During the game players can explore new star systems. The player nominates the point on the board to explore (next to one of the already placed star systems), randomly draws a star system hex and places it on the designated spot. The system is placed on the board along with a level-1 colony belonging to the player conducting the exploration. On star system hexes might be different symbols and descriptions:
(1) Star system name,
(2) Resource symbols – Energy, Biomass, Minarals,
(3) Planetary incident symbol ,
(4) Colony level slots

This Core Set contains everything you need to play the game right away.
  • 54 Star system hexes
  • 145 Amero cards
  • 51 Earth Events cards
  • 18 Planetary Incidents cards
  • 16 Corporate Agends cards
  • 4 Corporate cards
  • 40 Garrison miniatures (4 colors)
  • 8 Frigates models (4 colors)
  • 32 Colony models (4 colors)
  • Rulebook
  • 100+ tokens